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In this manual "Easy Football Profits", it is your guide finding suitable matches in which to bet on.

These 4 Methods have produced over the past 30 months solid returns.

You learn exactly how to do the form for a match, from information available for free of the net.

This really teaches you to fish for the best chances.

And like the very old saying.

"You can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.

Teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."

What do I mean?

You will after a few days of studying the guide you can use it forever to find the playable matches.

But, there is always a but.

We will spoon feed you for 2 months with the selected matches each day for 60 days minimum.

So you can do the form and check it against the ones we have found, so like a check sheet. You can then hone your Football form skills.

Now, if you are one of those "time poor" or stone lazy, then after the 60 days, of the free selections, YES you can for a modest fee continue to get them from us.

So relax.

How did the Easy Football Profits systems evolve?

One of our clients, Pat from the Emerald Isle sent us an email a while back sending his results sheet, first on one system, and then eventually all four of them.

The results are very good and consistant. (see upto date results in the graphics below.)

System A (Laying the Draw) Fulltime: Low odds. £500 bank is at £7,183.00 (9th January, 2017) since 14th June, 2016 (30 months) and over 1,800 bets.

System B ( Laying the Fulltime Draw at halftime), £500 bank is now at £3,747.00 over 30 months on just over 300 bets.

System C (Laying the Fulltime 1-1 Correct score) £500 bank is now at a staggering £73,729.00 over 34 months, and over 1900 bets, with a 91% strike rate.

System D (Laying the fulltime draw at halftime), £500 bank is now at £1,182.00 over 30 months on just over 1,125 bets.


Two of the main systems, System A and C can be bet before the matches kick off.

The other two, System B and D, bets are made at half time if the score criteria is met.

You certainly don't have to do all the Systems to make a good return.


Early Days we know, but some feedback..




System A on 1% of the Bank Staking.

The staking is betting 1% of the bank, so as the bank builds the bets increase, and if the bank falls the bets decrease.

Bank has increase to 5,607.06 in 36 months.



Next is System B

(This is bet at halftime, so may not be suitable for some.)


£3,523 Profit on a £500 Bank.

Over 370 Bets





System C ( Laying 1-1 before the match starts).



System C on 1% staking..



System D ( Laying the Draw at half time if the criteria is correct).



System D with a 2% staking Plan.




All results for every bet are available after purchase.

We are sure you will find more ways to use the Easy Football Profits ratings.


Staking Explained.

The graphs above show the returns on two staking plans.

1. Level Staking:

This is just as the name suggests, you are betting (staking) the same amount each and every bet. No increasing.

2. 1% and 2% of the Bank Staking.

This is where at the start of the day you look at your bank and divide by 100 (1%) and this is the staking you use.

Here is an example, bank is 650, so divide by 100 = 6.50 so that is the staking you use for the day.

Each day you do this to get your staking for the day, and if you are using 2% then you divide the bank by 50 (650/50=13.00) so you would stake 13.00 for the day.

And as I said the above graphs reflect these two staking plans.

So, let's summarise exactly what you are getting in the deal.

Easy Football Profit Package.

  • The manual that explains how we rate a Football Match, and then 4 systems, plus a bonus system on how to use the rated matches.


  • Ratings are delivered to the members area in Excel format, so you will need Excel on your PC to see the rated matches. Excel program is not part of the package.



Where are we Betting the Qualified Matches.

The market we are betting is the laying (we are betting a certain event WILL NOT happen), this market is offered by the betting exchanges, the most popular one is Betfair.

Can you use a bookie?

Yes you can, however our figures are done on betfair less 5% commission.

With bookies they offer a double chance and this is the market you can use, however it would really only be suitable for System A, and system B.




The Main Systems Are A and C, as they can be bet before the match starts.

And the returns on these two are fantastic.

On the 1% Staking Plan,

Starting with a £500.00 Bank.

System A is Now At £7,679.00 Profit

System C is Now At £60,000.00 Profit


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It is an exe file and Windows only.

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